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He looked down at the muddled mess of paper before him, blotched and crumpled, marked with spider blots of confusion and regret. It reminded him of that terse note, written with a burnt stick. Despite everything, Fraser had given him help when he asked it.

Might he ever see Jamie Fraser again? There was a good chance he would not. If chance did not kill him, cowardice might.

The mania of confession was on him; best make the most of it.
His quill had dried; he did not dip it again.

I love you, he wrote, the strokes light and fast, making scarcely a mark upon the paper, with no ink. I wish it were not so.

Then he rose, scooped up the scribbled papers, and, crushing them into a ball, threw them into the fire.

Diana Gabaldon, Lord John and the Hand of Devils (via padfootwantsatummyrub)

The Binding of Isaac: A Postmortem


On The Binding of Isaac.

meridok said: i have this weird sneering distaste for outlander which is a combo of the author being a dick and me having read a Lord John book first, finding outlander books, and being very sad that they were just some het romances with time travel.

i quite like them for a variety of reasons but omg. the author makes these characters and then focuses on the wrong aspects of them?? with every single damn one????? like damn i really liked the first book but i got super fucking pissed at the second one for making claire’s first husband into this horrible unlikable mess when in the first book it was really unclear if her choice to stay in the 1700s was a good one

i read a lord john one first too lmao, and it was THE MOST RECENT SPINOFF and really well done and so i was like alright let’s read the rest! little did i know they were written like a billion years ago and gloss over all the interesting things and there’s approx fifteen billion pages and fifteen billion books. i’ll keep reading eventually for jamie and claire because i do like them a lot despite everything but something interesting better happen in the main ones, i can’t trudge through more ~french political intrigue~ that’s really just the author flaunting her historical knowledge while jamie and claire putter around doing nothing

speaking of which i just read the lord john short where he’s in hannover and omf. i don’t understand how she can put all this effort into research and still have the actual bits of german be that bad bc she made some embarrassing grammatical mistakes lmao

i love the main kids in outlander as much as everyone but the series’ greatest contribution to society is the image of fair-haired delicate-featured john grey in full military regalia getting incredibly pissed off at people around him and then making long-winded convoluted sassy remarks and pretending that he’s not backtalking anyone



steve and bucky making up random stories from their past and convincing the other avengers that it actually happened (◡‿◡✿)


darryl crowe not eating for whole days so he can give his own rations of food to his siblings and when wendy asks if he’s hungry he just remarks “you mind your goddamn business and finish everything in your plate!”.

darryl crowe stealing clothes and school supplies so wendy doesn’t have to feel too ashamed of how poor their family is.

darryl crowe taking danny and dilly to games and using his last dollars to buy them a coke and something good to eat for once that it’s not the cheap food they have to settle for everyday of their lives.

darryl crowe visiting his mama and daddy’s grave and telling them how the kids are doing and that no, he got this, he ain’t gonna let them down, he’ll keep the family together.

baptiste isn’t paid for the three years darryl spends in prison but stays by wendy’s side anyway as she desperately wrangles the kids and the business, her own studies abandoned on the side, but every time she tries to pay him he waves it away, says he can wait 

darryl throws spare change in an empty peanut butter jar every year to buy kendall a birthday present

wendy wears torn jeans that haven’t fit for years to high school, writing in beat-up notebooks obviously taken out of the depths of someone’s attic, and the teachers look at her perfect grades with suspicion but she just smiles bright enough that they have to look away from the dirt on her knuckles

danny gets his first dog at twelve despite darryl’s repeated insistence that they ain’t got money to spare, and sure enough when the dog breaks its leg half a year later danny saves up lunch money for a month so they can pay for surgery instead of putting it down

three months speech therapy for dilly costs more than gas for the car for six but wendy insists and darryl reluctantly concedes it’s worth it every time dilly comes home and proudly recites the newest tongue twister, face screwed up in concentration but his voice firm on the tricky consonants

kendall learns to fix boat motors the minute his hands are steady enough to hold a wrench and in the last months leading up to kentucky he pays for his phone bill himself, smiles sheepishly when darryl raises his eyebrows at the folded dollars sitting lonely on the kitchen table, says “least i can do, seein’ as you bought it for me’n all”

they live together, four of them, in the shitty house they’ve had since their mama’s mama, and it might be crowded and messy and smell like cigarette smoke and wet dog but there ain’t ever been a time they’ve wanted anything else

i don’t think timeline inconsistencies have ever been discussed wrt vulpes but if we try to reconcile them together it paints a scary fucking picture

vulpes was recruited as a child, right, “a remarkable individual from an unremarkable tribe”, was promoted when he broke rank during a maneuver and instead of crucifying him as his centurion wanted, caesar saw promise in him and made him a frumentarius. caesar’s campaign started in 2246, making it 35 years old by the time of new vegas. so at his oldest, vulpes is in his mid-forties, more likely late thirties

HOWEVER. it was vulpes who betrayed ulysses’ tribe, the twisted hairs, at the end of caesar’s campaign. i can’t remember if it’s explicitly stated that he’s the one who recruited them but from how ulysses talks about the new canaanites, it’s implied that he was the one who made the initial promise as well. but the twisted hairs? made their alliance with caesar in his early days, to serve as scouts.

how young do you think vulpes was? nineteen or twenty, maybe, presuming he was a full frumentarius at this point. he would have been fighting on the front lines at sixteen if what we’ve heard about caesar’s penchant for child soldiers is true

so vulpes inculta is not only the fourth most powerful man in the legion, one of caesar’s inner circle, and the highest ranking member to have grown up under caesar’s care… he’s also charismatic and dangerous enough to have been dealing with entire foreign tribes when he was barely a kid. broooooooo


vulpes inculta. dawn.

(on his move from Europe to Rockland County, NY at the age of 12) “I had an accent. High school was tough a little bit for a few years. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be good-looking. I wanted to be popular. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What are these people going to think of me?”


i imagine both steve and bucky like to come up with different ways to poke fun at sam every time they pass him during jogging

because they are shitheads

(the first one is a print you can get here)