all of the video game blogs i followed suddenly descended into ice hockey fandom abt six months ago and i distinctly remember thinking “that is incredibly strange that all of those people suddenly got into that sport so fast and so much”


i get it now


guardians of the galaxy germany

i apologize for nothing

#what a bunch of a-holes #clearly mesut is gamora because he is beautiful and powerful and would pull a knife on poldi in defense against his pelvic sorcery #poldi is star-lord because i absolutely 100% believe he would call himself star-lord given the chance #mario is rocket because he would ask for someone’s prosthetic leg and receive it #neuer is drax because nothing goes over his head. his reflexes are too strong. #and per is groot because of course he is.


Remember the good old days when Marco and Mario couldn’t find an empty seat in the train so they just sat on the floor next to the toilets and having breakfast ?



You may not know it. But you are [not] alone”.

a few thoughts about this week


I. The outcry for ethics in game journalism this week began as a witch-hunt against women in the game industry. This cannot be denied. Ask Zoe Quinn and Patricia Hernandez and Cara Ellison how many of the people crowding their twitter mentions are concerned about “ethics”, and how many are simply abusive, toxic, misogynist, and hurtful.

Regardless; here we are, now. This genie isn’t going back in the bottle.

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Borussia Mönchengladbach:  *wins 7:0 against Sarajevo*
Interviewer:  The last time your team scored 7 goals against an opponent, you were wearing a white jersey, you surely remember this clearly.
Christoph Kramer:  ...???
Interviewer:  ... When Germany won against Brazil?
Christoph Kramer:  Oh, yeah, right!

Mario Götze scored an incredible goal in the 113th minute that proved to be the game-winner for Germany in the 2014 World Cup final.
Götze, who came on as a substitute, brilliantly controlled an Andre Schurrle cross with his chest and clinically finished past Sergio Romero. 

Champions League 14/15 group stage draw:

Group A: Atletico, Juve, Olympiakos, Malmo
Group B: Real Madrid, Basel, Liverpool, Ludogorets
Group C: Benfica, Zenit, Leverkusen, Monaco
Group D: Arsenal, Dortmund, Galatasaray, Anderlecht
Group E: Bayern Munich, Man City, CSKA, Roma
Group F: Barcelona, PSG, Ajax, APOEL
Group G: Chelsea, Schalke, Sporting Lisbon, Maribor.
Group H: Porto, Shakhtar, Athletic Bilbao, BATE.

Lynn im dying with your gotzeus ideas, just imagine it! I totally agree. Oh my god, so so so adorable, I want this in a fanfic!

please feel free to steal them and write, i can’t do them all on my own <3

gotzeus fic ideas! instead of more marco being angry and whining abt mario being a heartless bitch, consider: